Best Bitcoin BTC CFD Brokers in 2023 Fees, Features & Platforms

But this year, Bitcoin’s price reached an all-time high of $60,000 and achieved a market cap above $1.1 trillion. Bitcoin has attracted attention within mainstream circles thanks to several big events. Tesla purchased $1.5 billion worth of BTC earlier this year, while PayPal decided to introduce support for Bitcoin buying and selling in late 2020. Facebook’s decision to create a coalition-based Bitcoin competitor, Diem, is also generating attention. If you wish to ensure that your trade closes at the exact rate you have set without the risk of slippage, you can place a ‘Guaranteed Stop’.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency—a digital currency powered by a decentralized network of node operators. It was invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, and over the past decade, countless other cryptocurrencies have been created. Bitcoin and/or Cryptocurrencies, Forex and stocks are 3 different asset classes with different characteristics such as profit-risk, liquidity and volatility ratios. When trading these asset classes in the form of CFDs, the primary difference between them is a matter of leverage. While not a well-known platform, this one has its own accompanying software for all levels of traders.

Large institutional futures markets such as those offered by CME, however, can only be traded from Sunday evening until the close of the stock market Friday afternoon. The Bitcoin CFDs provided by Saxo Markets are derived from exchange-traded products around the world that track the price of Bitcoin, rather than tracking Bitcoin directly. Although this is a small difference, some may find it more inconvenient to trade as they are priced differently and are not tradable 24/7. To start with, while futures have a specific expiration date, CFDs don’t. A CFD can be kept for as long as the terms of the contract allow, and there’s no need to settle it on a specific date. When the CFD is liquidated, the difference in price will be calculated and paid to the appropriate party.

The trading and risk management tools will come in handy in managing your trade. The technical indicators, research articles, opinion pieces, and fundamental indicators infused on the platform will, on the other hand, help you make informed buy/sell decisions. The relatively low trade size is highly affordable and also attractive to most retail crypto CFD brokers.

You have to provide proof of ID and address to verify your account. Hence, the great expectations investors and crypto-enthusiasts have towards Bakkt and other future ETFs dealings. IG accepts no responsibility for any use that may be made of these comments and for any consequences that result. A Bitcoin CFD allows an investor to tap into the benefits and risks of Bitcoin trading without having to physically own the coin itself. In addition to crypto CFD trading, they offer CFDs tied to forex, trading indices, commodities, and precious metals.

It is important to note that CFDs are dangerous and might impose a huge capital risk. Ease of access to CFD trading and low requirements can lead to overtrading. As most brokers provide a low margin trading requirement, you may fall into the trap of overtrading. This will expose your portfolio to the markets more than you can handle and your remaining capital may fail to cover any incurred losses. So, it’s important to have proper risk management when you trade CFDs.

AvaTrade is a licensed Bitcoin CFDs trading platform that accepts some of the lowest minimum deposits. This global platform does not charge any payment fees and supports a wide variety of convenient payment options. It offers omnichannel accessibility, including its own mobile applications. Calculating profits or losses with CFD trades is done by taking the deal size or total nu numbers of open contracts and multiplying that with the contracts’ value. The contract value is an expression of price points in the movement. CFDs trading takes place in standard contracts, best known as lots.

Differences between a CFD Broker and a Cryptocurrency Exchange / Broker

Trade execution speeds are ultra-fast and rarely do their platforms suffer downtimes. We break these strengths down and look at everything else you need to know about Bitcoin CFD trading on Skilling here. Yes, broker has taken up several measures aimed at making their trading platform as safe as possible. These include seeking regulation and licensing from multiple financial regulatory agencies, including FCA (UK), CySEC (Cyprus), and ESMA (Europe). When trading Bitcoin CFDs on, you will only have to worry about two types of fees.

  • Trading Bitcoin CFDs can have a positive impact on your investment portfolio, but it is important to understand the risks before you begin.
  • As most brokers provide a low margin trading requirement, you may fall into the trap of overtrading.
  • With CFDs on the other hand, you’re trading against a single broker and there’s only his price available for trading.
  • There are many brokers who offer Bitcoin CFDs, so it’s important to compare their offers and find the one that is best suited to your needs.
  • Bitcoin has attracted attention within mainstream circles thanks to several big events.

Skilling is available in three powerful trading platforms – the proprietary Skilling platform, MT4 trading platform, and cTrader Platform. They are all highly sophisticated and integrate a wide range of tools to help with your Bitcoin CFD trades. Plus500 does not support CFD trading on third-party trading platforms like MT4/MT5.

Litecoin CFD

Please note that leverage can amplify both profits as well as losses. With Vantage, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency CFDs by predicting the price movements of Bitcoin. Vantage is also offering no overnight fees when you trade with their swap-free account on all cryptocurrency CFDs. However, at, holding a position overnight increases your risk. Those are trading positions that are not closed by the end of the trading day. After regular trading closes, the prices might fluctuate more than during the day.

MarketsX appeals to both professionals and beginners with its range of advanced tools fitted in a highly intuitive interface. Its users also have access to regularly updated expert analysis articles. In addition to integrating some of the popular trading platforms, some bitcoin CFD brokers have gone ahead and come up with proprietary trading platforms. EToro, for instance, has its own proprietary trading platform where all its trades are executed. While all these proprietary platforms have their sights set on user-friendliness and efficiency, they integrate rather diverse features.

Sign up below, and get access to our Future Winners portfolio, featuring our top crypto picks. Since 2018, we’ve beaten the market with a smart mix of crypto and common stocks. The original digital asset appears to be cranky amid growing hopes of a US debt-ceiling deal.The original digital asset appears to be cranky amid growing hopes of a US debt-ceiling deal. However, this might vary depending on where you live so check the status beforehand. This depends on the country you are living in so check with the relevant tax authorities to ensure you fully understand the taxes you may be responsible for paying. Cryptocurrencies have also begun to generate a lot of interest as an alternative investment or CFDs.

The process is straightforward and has been narrowed down to just a few simple steps. However, you will need first to create a user account and verify your identity before you can start trading. Yes, eToro has put in place several measures that guarantee the safety of your account and deposited funds. It first ensures that all its platform users verify their identity. The broker also ensures that you create a strong multi-character password for your account and activate two-factor authentication for withdrawals.

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