How to use affiliate marketing to help grow your business

More successful affiliates mean more revenue for both you and any business you promote. This guide will cover the basics of affiliate marketing for the uninitiated. Then, we’ll discuss practical tips for boosting your affiliate income as a freelancer. If you’re freelancing and making use of affiliate programs as part of your revenue stream, this is just as important. You need to ensure that any affiliate programs you’re a part of, work for you and your audience as well.

Earn £50 commission for every person you refer and who successfully becomes a Tide member. Become an affiliate partner for the fastest-growing business banking platform. We offer a range of promotional materials etc to help you promote KashFlow, from sample tweets to printable leaflets and small business marketing system email content. Once you have signed up as an affiliate we supply a number of creatives, images and links. Further to that, you need to make sure you only highlight the most useful and relevant product in each case. If a customer is looking for product advice, they need to trust the source.

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Sam O’Brien is the Chief Marketing Officer for Affise—a Global SaaS Partner Marketing Solution. He is a growth marketing expert with chatbot marketing hacks, product management and design background. Sam has a passion for innovation, growth, and marketing technology. This is just one example, there are a variety of ways to use partner offers and services to add value for customers. Discounts, vouchers and coupon codes, and loyalty rewards are all viable options.

  • Following the advice above will help you get started with affiliate programs.
  • Scaleo can be integrated with an endless number of 3rd party technologies.
  • Manage and measure partner marketing programs, optimize performance for the highest profitability and attract valuable partners.
  • This app is used in multiple languages and notifies you if there is any update.
  • Overall, we think CJ is equipped with lots of genuinely useful features that are great for more seasoned affiliate marketers looking to polish their operation.

Once accepted, simply use your website or app to promote Tide’s products to your audience. You’ll get access to your own Impact Radius dashboard with a library of links, creative assets and banners. InvoiceBerry is an online invoicing software for small businesses, sole traders and freelancers. Business owners can sign up within 2 minutes and start sending their first invoices to clients.

Set up an affiliate programme

However, the downside is that because of all the functionality it offers in reporting, it might not be the best option for newbie affiliate marketers. It’s likely that if you’re just learning the ropes, you won’t really be able to squeeze out all the juice that you could if you were more experienced. The other weakness is that it’s mostly oriented towards B2C brands, so it’s not suitable if you’re looking to do B2B marketing. It is a good and useful tool to create affiliates for a platform, and track all the links, Commissions & payouts for a product. Also, it has an Interactive UI for users to handle all the work effectively. Affise is a performance marketing management solution that allows businesses of all sizes to manage and track the…

This removes some of the awkwardness of having to do it manually and also helps you avoid putting it off or not realising you have an overdue invoice until a much later date. I often get asked to recommend invoicing tools that can handle multiple currencies. I work with lots of freelancers and small business owners all over the world who serve clients in different countries. They frequently find themselves working in more than one currency and therefore need to make sure their invoicing software is able to deal with their requirements. Marketing Donut provides practical information to help your business succeed.

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Commissions to your affiliates will be paid on the number of sales they have generated for you. You will be able to find and collaborate with affiliates anywhere globally, which is possible as ShoutOut Affiliate App’s significant offer approximately 200 currencies. The affiliate network is easy to create and manage by an individual. “Once successfully up and running, affiliate programmes can generate between 10-30% of total sales,” she adds.

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Everything is tracked and so each stage can be checked by the merchant and the affiliate; this means that both parties are accountable. The action could be a sale, a click-through to your site, or some market information, such as a completed survey. Content creators, influencers, website owners and technology partners can create profitable partnerships with our portfolio of the world’s best known brands across multiple sectors.


The outlink button can replace the ‘load to cart.’ It includes similar items that match your store to increase the popularity and size of your brand. There are various ways to track the information, and you can keep track of an infinite number of referral orders. Referral users can be tracked in multiple ways, including QR code, referral URL, product SKU, and client’s email. With customized registration pages, different commissions for each product can be offered. Meanwhile, Michael Dutton, CEO of Michael Dutton Language Services, highlights’s currency conversions.

You’ll be able to create, send, and process invoices all from a central dashboard. The GoCardless content team comprises a group of subject-matter experts in multiple fields from across GoCardless. The authors and reviewers work in the sales, marketing, legal, and finance departments.

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