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NPT Video Environmental Awareness program
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Welcome to Namma Pasanga Trust


On 13th June 2017, Mr. Robert Vins, who is from Pacode area created  a WhatsApp group with the help of Mr. Selasteen Raj which was named as “NAMMA PASANGA NAMMA OOR” with the simple intention to keep in touch with our local friends and added over 30 members from our locality. It was just going on as a usual social media group with healthy chat and fun until Mr. Prem Kumar asked help for Mr. Sanal Kumar (S/O Mr. Jeyekumar). Sanal, who was an attendant in a truck severely injured when he was unloading goods at Tuticorin harbor and was admitted in Intensive Care Unit at Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital. We, NAMMA PASANGA NAMMA OOR WhatsApp group members together helped financially and saved Sanal’s life.

Our Vision

Education help for poor students

Setting up sports teams to identify the talented and mainly to encourage traditional games like Kabadi, Bull Taming, etc.,

Planting trees and Creating awareness among people about the importance of saving nature and eco system through awareness programs.

Organize Medical camps 

Blood donation and encouraging donors by giving accords.

Arts and Literature: Competitions to discover children’s authentic talent.

Encourage innovation and provide financial support for innovative students.

Apart from our Medical Camps, giving medical aids for financially instable people.

Creating awareness on Social, Political, Economic and Cultural (SPEC) analysis  

Accolades for social workers.



Our society is full of inequalities especially the poor – the rich, the upper caste – the lower caste, some peoples are running for food and at the same time some peoples are running for digesting the food they ate, while one family struggling to get their home on 200 square feet and on other hand another family build a house at 2000 feet we can list many more like this.

At  the same time our environment and nature is very important, But we are losing it by the piggish  of man

In this situation everyone should get quality education, adequate medicine for all. Our younger generation and next generation should be intelligent and healthy. Protecting our environment and passing to the next generation is the greatest goal of us. For achieving this goal we youngsters and friends have joined together and working out with this as much as possible.



On behalf of our Trust (Foundation) we are organizing number of events, especially educational help for young students, higher secondary, and college students, we organize Sports Festival to get the younger generation fair changes, there are many events like this so it could be better helpful for our trust that if you sponsor any one of the events at full cost or as much as you can.

The Trust is organizing several events like: educational assistance to the poor students from primary education to higher level, organizing Sports festivals, etc., We expect sponsors for the events.


It is highly appreciated if you make donations towards our trust as Monthly or quarterly or half-yearly or once-a-year basis. It will be an additional support us to provide more assistance to the needy people than now.


The Trust is functioning like a family. We always welcome the people whoever interested in the development and improvement of the downtrodden community can join the Trust and work with us. Be part of the trust and hold your hands with us for this mission.


Robert Vins C


Prem Kumar P


Suresh S


Salastin Raj P


Jegadeesh Raj


Rajan P

Executive Member

Aspinfelix T.T

Executive Member

Albert Raj A

Executive Member

Anish P

Executive Member

Josephine Beneath, BA. LLB

Legal Adviser