Who we are?

On 13th June 2017, Mr. Robert Vins, who is from Pacode area created  a WhatsApp group with the help of Mr. Selasteen Raj which was named as “NAMMA PASANGA NAMMA OOR” with the simple intention to keep in touch with our local friends and added over 30 members from our locality. It was just going on as a usual social media group with healthy chat and fun until Mr. Prem Kumar asked help for Mr. Sanal Kumar (S/O Mr. Jeyekumar). Sanal, who was an attendant in a truck severely injured when he was unloading goods at Tuticorin harbor and was admitted in Intensive Care Unit at Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital. We, NAMMA PASANGA NAMMA OOR WhatsApp group members together helped financially and saved Sanal’s life.

It was the turning point for our group and Mr. Robert Vins with the support of Mr. Suresh, Mr. Jagedeesh Raj and Mr. Prem Kumar registered NAMMA PASANGA TRUST officially on 16th February 2018 upon the request of all members in the group.